About Us

What started in a 1950's gas station has grown into one of the largest private training companies in the US - West Coast Strength.  We host a beautiful brand new 15,000 sq. ft. commercial facility as our home in Salem, Oregon and have continued to coach and train clients of all levels while expanding to offer basic membership to everyone.

In 2013 we started doing one clothing release every fall. Each release we would sell out, reorder once, sell out, and then we wouldn't ever remake the same design again.

Years later we've kept the same idea going. We now plan one release for each season with a limited production number. Our focus in apparel is to have fun, create quality product, and build strong relationships with those who share the same ideals.

We're truly an "ALL GAS, NO BREAKS" hustle company.

We've built our brand and family through putting in the work, helping others, and taking every opportunity life gives us to improve and take a step forward.



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